Shows duration for packets to reach a host.

Enter host name (or IP)


Traces the route packets take to this host.

Enter domain name


Calculates CIDR ranges (e.g.

Enter CIDR range or IP

IP Information

Shows info about an IP, including city and country

Enter IP

Email Test

Are there problems sending mail to a user or domain?

Enter domain name

WHOIS Lookup

Lists contact info for a domain/IP

Enter domain name

DNS Lookup

Look up a DNS record (A, MX, NS, SOA, etc.)

Enter domain or host name

ISP Cached DNS Lookup

Check cached DNS at major ISPs.

Enter domain or host name

DNS Timing

Check speed of your DNS hosting

Enter domain or host name

Reverse DNS lookup

Enter IP/IPv6 (or host name)

Enter IP/IPv6 (or host name)

SPAM Database Lookups

See if a mail server is in any spam database.

Enter IP or domain name

Decimal IPs

Converts a decimal IP (e.g. 2130706433) into an IP.

Enter decimal IP

URL Deobfuscator

De-obfuscates confusing URLs.

Enter URL

HTML Validator

Finds HTML errors in websites.

Enter URL

DNS Report

See if there are problems with your DNS hosting.

Enter zone name, such as "", not an IP

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